Baby Name Tattoo Care Tips

Now that you’ve finally got it, the next thing to think about will be baby name tattoos care.

Your new born is the most precious thing you’ve ever had. That’s the reason why you have his or her name, date and place of birth engraved on your skin. Baby name tattoos are supposed to be your lifetime reminder.

Getting baby name tattoos is sometimes expensive, usually depending on the complexity of the design. It is also an investment. So, you need to preserve the color, shape and beauty of your baby’s name and symbol already inked on your skin and there are steps you should take to accomplish all of it.  Below are basic baby name tattoos care tips that can help preserve your investment for years.

1. A newly created tattoo is usually covered by a thin gauze and bandage to keep the area clean. Once you get home, relax. After a few hours, wash your hands thoroughly and remove the cover or depending on your artist’s instructions. In case it is covered with a plastic wrap, you must remove it once you’re home.

What is important in the healing process is to keep your tattooed area protected. This means that it is free from dirt that may cause infection and that you must make sure nothing is rubbing against that area. So, for baby name tattoos on the lower back, be sure that the waistband of your pants doesn’t rub that area.

2. Gently wash your tattoo with a mild soap by splashing water onto the area and remove all traces of blood. Never use a washcloth or anything abrasive. Just pat dry with a soft cloth. This will lower the possibility of infection.

After cleansing, apply a thin layer of anti-bacterial ointment. You can do this several times a day or when your skin feels dry for 3 to 4 days. Maintaining the softness on the tattooed part will help prevent peeling and keep the quality of colors.

3. Little seepage of blood or ink for the first few days should be expected. This is normal. This is one reason why it is advisable to stay at home and relax in the first few days. You can just take care of this by wearing loose fitting clothing and putting an old towel underneath the tattooed area during the night to avoid getting fluids or ink on your bed linens.

4. Discontinue the application of anti-bacteria ointment after 4 days. This time, after washing, start applying a fragrance-free, dye-free mild lotion to keep the tattooed skin soft.  Never use a petroleum jelly.

5. To further prevent your new baby name tattoo, don’t swim or go the beach and stay away from the tanning bed for at least two weeks.

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