Factors That Affect The Clarity and Color Of Old Name Tattoos

Clarity and Color Of Old Name Tattoos

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Newly created symbol and name tattoos usually look great. Colors seem so vibrant especially if they are made by an expert artist. But is there any way to tell what a tattoo will look like as you age?

Tattoos may last a lifetime. Younger skin is generally composed of uniform skin cells that easily get stained with a little ink. But as you age, your skin cells may become irregular and whether they’re symbols or baby name tattoos, they can get blurrier and may look lighter making them less vivid and unappealing.

Tattoos can fade and the loss of their appeal may also depend on your lifestyle, medical conditions and after care. But there are basically three factors that might affect the appearance of tattoos as you get older.

Sun exposure

Sun exposure is one of the main reasons for the fading of a tattoo over time. Nearly anything can be bleached out if left for a prolonged period under the sun and your tattoo is no exception.  Sun exposure causes damage on the texture of your skin and this in turn will cause your tattoo to lose its design clarity and color. The particles of pigment can break down and the ink will look lighter. In this case, sunscreens can help keep the clarity and vividness of color.

The location is also another factor to consider. If tattoos are located in areas that will not see as much sun, fading will not be like the ones exposed to so much sun.


Weight Gain

Weight gain is also another reason for altering of the appearance of a tattoo. If it is located on your body part where there is not so much skin and muscle, like the feet area, on the hands and on the chest, you probably will not have not much drooping problem. Locations where the skin has a tendency to stretch, like the stomach and back area, will be most likely affected once a person has gained or has lost weight after getting inked.

If in case too much sun exposure or weight gain has affected what once was a beautiful skin art, a touch up or a tattoo rework can be a good option to bring back the clarity and great color of your meaningful art.

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