Name Tattoos – What Are The Safe Bets

When it comes to name tattoos, there are safer bets anyone can pick. Opting for a name other than your own needs considerable thought because it is a risk to take.

Name tattoos can be your own name or the name of a loved one – your father, mother, daughter, son or baby. And for those who are deeply hit by cupid’s arrow, they ink the name of their love interest.  Whatever the name is, there’s truly something special in name tattoos. No wonder they’re among the most popular choices of tattoo enthusiasts. One very special reason is that it speaks wordless volumes of love.

But why do some people end up with regrets with certain names? Even celebrities fall into the trap of an impulsive decision. Many of them get the name of their new boyfriend or girlfriend inked on their body. But soon after the relationship turns sour, they want it blasted or covered with another tattoo.

A lot of people actually end up with tattoo removal – which is a long, painful and costly process. Some just settle for a cover-up because it is less painful. But what are the safe bets? A name that you can live forever no matter what happens, even if your taste and age changes?

If you believe something special is in a name, your child’s name would be one of the best bets. This is absolutely the choice that you can live with even in your old age. Generally, kids and baby name tattoos are a creative way to express parents’ forever love for their children. As a matter of fact, for some parents, their baby’s or kid’s name that were inked on them gets more valuable as they age.

It’s even more valuable to you as a parent as your kids’ grow. College life and career may separate you for a while, but their names will keep you in touch with them.

Your dad’s and mom’s name are names that you certainly don’t want to forget. So, the next time you think of getting a tattoo, think of the names that you will want to remember forever.

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