Tattoo Cover Up – A Great Option To Hide An Unwanted Tattoo

A recent survey revealed that 1 in 8 American adults who got a tattoo suffered regrets. This only suggests the number of people who now wish to have their tattoos removed.

You know that tattoos are permanent marks that will be with you for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, as you got more matured, your taste has changed and you found out that the piece of art on your shoulder is kind of odd or may be your most beloved partner has moved out of your life. Don’t you want that tattoo gone?

There are actually several methods of tattoo removal. The latest method is through the use of laser. It is a non-invasive technique which removes tattoo pigments with the use of Q-switched lasers that break down the ink. Tattoo removal is very expensive. Not only does it involve more pain than getting a new one, it also leaves you with permanent scars. The worst fact is, even with modern tattoo removal techniques, most of them still hurt like hell. That’s how people, who had gone through the tattoo removal process, described the pain.

But why spend such huge amount of money and get scarred just to have an unwanted tattoo removed when you can have it covered up for less than the cost of removing it?

Tattoo Cover Up

This process is known as Tattoo Cover Up. The purpose of covering up an old tattoo is to conceal it and hide the scars with a fresh new tattoo. This process is a little less like creating a new tattoo on a skin not previously tattooed. If you’re one of those who have regrets with the tattoo you got when you were younger, you may want to consider a cover up as your option.

If you want a cover up that looks like a fresh, professionally made tattoo, it is important to understand that it may involve the deep layers of your skin to fully cover the old one. This process will really require your patience.

The main goal is to completely hide the old tattoos, so the size of new cover up tattoos should be three to four times the old size to ensure full coverage. Some designs may not work as you need specific designs with no empty spaces.

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