New Ways On How To Remove A Tattoo

The new methods of tattoo removal try to cut the time, but it can still take years to get it removed.

Modern science has now made many medical treatments a lot faster and easier. This includes the way on how to remove a tattoo. Recent survey showed that 1 in 8 American adults have regret in getting a tattoo. Another research also showed that over half of young people who get a tattoo ultimately decide to get it removed.

how to remove a tattoo

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Ironically, the number of people getting tattoos continues to rise and this means that more and more people who will seek for tattoo removal will also increase as these people find their body art no longer appropriate for their age and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the process of removing it is generally long and slow. Tattoo removal is not only a long and painful process but most of the process can also cause scarring. Because of this, people who want to avoid the excruciating process opt to have their old tattoo covered.

As researchers continue to develop and test out new procedures that are quicker, less painful and more effective, some innovative methods are already out and available.

Among the hottest procedures that are available today is the Rejuvi treatment. It is a brownish yellow chemical deposited in a needle which removes ink colors and draws it up out of the skin when it blends with the ink.  This treatment is said to be the hot trend in removing tattoos today, particularly among celebrity patients.

This treatment was created in 1990’s and was initially approved in the US for permanent makeup removal only but was later approved for body tattoos. It could take 3-7 treatments for a body tattoo, depending on the size, to be fully removed. Each treatment session costs around $250-$350.

Another treatment is called the R-20 technique. It is an innovative laser treatment which is performed after the injection of a local anesthetic.  The R-20 is significantly faster than the past laser tattoo removal procedures as it may only require one session of what normally would take 4 sessions. Colored tattoos typically need more treatments and just like any laser procedure, the patients still have to take the risk of lightening or darkening and scarring of the treated area.

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