What You Need To Know Before You Get A Tattoo

Tattoos have evolved overtime. Those body markings that were previously associated with tribes, unruly sailors or prisoners have now become acceptable in the mainstream culture.

Tattoos are now prevalent. Its explosive growth is largely because of the increasing number of people who get a tattoo and support this body art including body piercing. You can see the obvious evidence on any city street and many social events. You can also see how it has become so popular in the growing number of tattoo studios.

People’s attitude towards skin art has tremendously changed. Today, getting a tattoo is more like buying something. More and more people even those belonging to the middle- class are getting into the tattoo boom. Men and women either get flower, animal, tribal design tattoos or baby name tattoos. Tattoo shops, tattoo equipment and the way tattoos are done have incredibly evolved too. This may give many people the idea that getting a tattoo is just pretty easy and risks-free. But, there are actually some important aspects to understand before you get one.

The risks

Tattooing is done by inserting permanent ink into the dermis – the inner layer of the skin, to change the pigment. It is an invasive process. This means that skin infections and contraction of diseases are possible, which include

  • Bloodborne diseases

Diseases like hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tuberculosis and tetanus can be contracted when the equipment used in the making of tattoo is contaminated with infected blood.

  • Allergic reactions

Colored tattoo inks such as red, green, blue and yellow may cause allergic skin reactions. An itchy rash at the tattooed area may occur even after you get a tattoo.

  • Skin infections

An infected skin that causes pain, swelling, redness and pus-like drainage might happen after tattooing.

The precautions

As a precaution, it is important to understand what are at stake before you get tattooed. Getting one has become easier today with the use modern tattooing machines, but as one who will carry it for life, you need to make sure if tattooing is right for you. Removing a tattoo is still a long and painful process. It truly is easier to get one today, but it still can take years to fully get the ink out of your skin.

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