For Dads and Moms – Meaningful Baby Name Tattoos


Tattoo designs are always innovating. Today’s parents have created new twists to traditional designs of baby name tattoos.

Just like any stuff today, tattoo designs for baby names have also evolved, ranging from simple and sweet yet symbolic designs to the more intricate combination of trendy twists and horoscope signs. The number of parents getting their baby’s name inked on them is growing so fast.

A lot of people get inked for varied reasons. But if you’re a dad or a mom, you’re certainly getting it to show your limitless love for your little one. It’s also an artistic way of having an indelible reminder of your baby’s birth date and birth place. If you’re looking for innovative designs of name tattoos that best remind you of your kid, check out following menu of the latest designs to consider.

Building blocks

Building blocks are a playful tattoo idea that gives a bold space where you can spell out the letters or initials of your kid’s name. For moms, you may want to fill the blocks with some colors. For dads, blocks outlined with dark colors can give your tattoo a manly look.

Block train

A train of blocks can be an awesome, cute design that could best represent your baby.  Just like the building blocks design, you can incorporate the name of your little one by spelling out the letters or initials on each block.

Baby’s face picture wrapped in angel wings

A picture of your baby’s face wrapped in angel wings can be a permanent cool reminder of your own angel’s face even when he or she grows up. This ink is a great idea to remind you of your baby anywhere you go.

Baby’s horoscope sign

Your baby’s horoscope sign with a little modern twist can be a meaningful symbol of your love for your little one.  Incorporating baby names or simple flowers or your favorite characters into the design can also add a more modern and stylish look. 

Baby’s name initials wrapped in heart design

A heart design with creative borders plus the initial letter of your kid’s name could be a great art on your forearm or on your ribcage and even on the back of your neck.  This design could be a sweet, forever reminder of your baby.

These are just a few of the designs favored by modern parents. There are actually a great number of designs to choose from. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to pick a design that reminds you the most of your baby.


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