Name Tattoo Designs

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Name Tattoo Designs And Your Name Choice

Name tattoos usually carry a very personal meaning. The uniqueness of name tattoo designs and styles have something to do with their popularity among men and women. People choose to have their own name, their children’s name, their mother or father’s name and their beloved partner’s name inked on them.


What makes name tattoos a popular choice?

A name is unique to a person. Although a lot of people have similar names, but each name usually has a different significance to the person carrying the name. Name tattoos are usually combined with other symbols and images to convey artistry and symbolic meanings.

There are actually a host of other artistic variations that can make them truly unique. Adding a colored ink to the letters or symbosl can make your body art pieces more striking. Many women choose their first name to be inked on them. Some choose to include a symbol such as a butterfly, flower or heart to make it more beautiful and meaningful. Women’s name tattoos can be creatively placed on the arm, back of the neck, lower, upper back, and on the foot.

Men in general have a different choice. Most men choose their last name. They also tend to opt for bolder and bigger fonts. Some also include symbols and colored inks to add symbolic meanings. The chest area, upper back and shoulder are some of the common spots for men’s name tattoos.

Having your own name inked on you is actually a creative and effortless way of telling the world you respect your name and that you’re proud of it and everything it stands for.

For moms and dads, having the names of their children inked on them is a creative way of depicting unconditional lifetime love to their kids. Children will forever be a part of their parent’s life. Thus, having the name of their kids inked on their skin is among the best tattoo designs that every parent won’t ever end up with regrets.

Name tattoos are also the popular choice of lovers. Unfortunately, many of them end up with desperation as they call it quits. Getting the name of your significant other tattooed on you is actually a risk to take and therefore, it is something that really needs to be seriously considered.

Whether it’s your kid’s name, your mother or father’s name or your significant other’s name, tattooed on you, it will undoubtedly be a lasting way to demonstrate your deep love, loyalty and appreciation. It just needs you to spend some time to carefully choose for the best design that you will be proud of. If you’re planning to get the same piece of body art, take the time to browse through our gallery. You may find the best inspiration for your own name tattoo design.

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  1. Ram says:

    I’d like to have a tribal tattoo with name RAM inscribed on it but hidden I’d like to have ur advice if possible any designs…

  2. I would like to have a desighn of my daughters names…thank you

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