Name Tattoo Ideas – The Meaning Of Your Baby’s Name

Name tattoos complemented with pictures and symbols often look better than just the name by itself. Footprints, handprints, angels, flowers and animals are common designs for baby name tattoos. But, you can actually make your own unique concept by associating the picture/symbol to the meaning of your child’s name.

 Most names have meaning or at the very least, they represent something. If you’re still on your way to having a baby, good for you, because you still have the time to think of a name with a good picture. However, if you haven’t yet considered a good name for your coming little one, you can get an idea from the three beautiful baby name tattoo ideas below.

Names do matter for many people, so consider a name which your precious one won’t regret later in life. Symbols too can have a variety of meanings. They vary in meanings according to culture or by whom they are held. So, just exercise a little caution here, don’t just pick a name for the sake of baby name tattoo ideas, but rather, pick a name that best fits your own positive description of your baby.

Lucile Lilybelle – Lucile means “light” while Lilybelle means “beautiful lily”. Above this name, you may want to get a picture of a beautiful pink, red or orange lily flower illuminated with soft light. You can also create your own symbolic concept of light and beautiful lily based on your own belief or culture.

Kaitlyn Jade – Kaitlyn was originally derived from the Irish name Catherine which means “pure” while Jade basically means “jewel”. Pure jewel can be a great description of your baby. The sky is generally associated with purity. A picture of your child’s birthstone overlapping the sky with your baby’s name somewhere inside can be a dainty remembrance of her cuteness for years.

Richard Caleb – Richard means “king, ruler, strong and brave” while Caleb is a biblical Hebrew name which means “dog or bold”. In the Bible, Caleb was one of twelve Israelite leaders sent by Moses to explore the Promised Land. A picture of a dog that symbolizes bravery and boldness can be a great concept. But you can also base your picture concept from a crown image since Richard means “King or ruler”

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