Types And Uses Of Custom Temporary Tattoos

Custom temporary tattoos are perfect option for those who are not yet ready for permanent pieces.

There are actually a lot of reasons why people opt for temporary tattoos. But generally, the best way to see what your custom design will look like is through temporary pieces as they only last for a few days to a month. This is exactly the best way to confirm whether or not you’ve made the right design that you will love to wear for life.

Custom Temporary TattoosPermanent tattoos are for life and it would be a lifetime of regret to commit to a symbol or image when your taste changes overtime. Testing out on a custom temporary tattoo will give you enough time to think whether the design, placement, size and color perfectly fit to your taste.

For some reasons, some people are worried about the idea of getting close to the needle yet they are fascinated with this kind of body art. Their only option is to take advantage of removable tattoos. For those who are not ready to get a permanent ink, here are your temporary choices.

Printed tattoos are the most common choice. Images are usually custom- designed and printed on a special paper using a special type of ink for easy transfer onto the skin.  These body art pieces can last for a few days to a week.

There are actually a lot of ways in which custom temporary tattoos are useful. Printed custom tattoos are in fact the popular choice for promoting products, parties and other public or corporate events. A faux tattoo printed with a company logo can be a lasting way for companies to introduce a new product. A tattoo paper with a movie character print can be a fun giveaway for kids’ parties. This art is also a creative way to create a lasting impression of your product during trade shows. Printed temporary baby name tattoos can also add more fun your baby’s first birthday.

Another option for a temporary piece is called Henna tattoo. It uses a dye made from the plant known as henna. This type of temporary tattoo can last for a month depending on the placement and care. Temporary henna art can either be simple or intricate.

The third option to test out a custom design is through the use of Airbrush tattoos.  Airbrush tattoos are created by spraying ink directly to your skin where a stencil of your design is positioned. This type of tattoos can last up to a week.

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